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Enrollment Flexibility & Continuous Enrollment

At Elev8 DESK, students in Grades 10 -12 have the choice to enroll in our online courses either full-time or part-time. We offer continuous enrollment so students may enroll in any course at any point during the year!

Our course outlines explain clearly both student and teacher expectations and a route for learning success within the course itself. NOTE: We recommend that students request access to course outlines prior to enrolling in any of our online classes.

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General Enrollment Process

STEP 1. A student interested in engaging in an online course must complete a course selection form indicating all interested courses; this process also requires expected timelines for completion.

STEP 2. An Elev8 DESK Online Learning (OL) Advisor reviews the course selection form to ensure that course programming is reasonable and that BC graduation requirements are being met.

STEP 3. The course selection form is signed, dated, and placed on file.

STEP 4. Any changes to the course selection form (i.e., dropping courses, adding courses, changing timelines, etc.) is noted and a historical record of changes are kept on file.

STEP 5. Each course listed on the course selection form has its own course outline.

STEP 6. Teachers submit the course selection forms that are kept on file. If a teacher is required to personalize, modify or adapt a course outline, copies of the amended form are sent to the student and the Elev8 office for filing. Only those courses indicated on a course selection form are entered into the 1701 data collection (once the course has become active).

STEP 7. Prior to beginning any online course, a new student must complete an online orientation course to develop key skills and ensure that the student is an ideal candidate for online learning. 

STEP 8. Upon successful completion of the online orientation course, only requested courses are made available to the student through our online learning management system.

STEP 9. Upon the successful completion of each course, students are given the opportunity to provide feedback to help with improvements to future course delivery.

For more details or to discussion the enrollment process, please contact us!