Secondary 10-12


Students in Grades 10 -12 may take online courses either full-time or part time. Each course has its own Course Outline. Students may have access to course outlines prior to enrolment, in order to be informed of course expectations.

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General considerations

  • Each student taking an online course has to complete a course selection form indicating all the courses, including timelines, they wish to take. 
  • An SD#8 OL Advisor reviews the course selections to ensure that course programming is reasonable and Grad requirements are being met. 
  • The course selection form will be signed and dated and put on file once complete. 
  • Any changes to the course selection (ie - dropping courses, adding courses, changing timelines) will be noted and a historical record of changes will be kept. 
  • Each course listed on the course selection form will have its own Course Outline.
    • Teachers will submit these to be put on file.
    • Should a teacher need to personalize a course outline, the one original to the student will be sent to the office for inclusion with the course selection form.
  • Only those courses indicated on a course selection form will be entered into the 1701 data collection once the course has become active. 
  • Prior to beginning any online course, a new student must complete an online orientation course to develop key skills and ensure the student is a good candidate for online learning. 
    • Once this course has been successfully completed, courses requested on the course selection form can be made available to the student.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the course to be taken into consideration for improvements to course delivery.

last updated November 2021