Aboriginal Education

Indigenous Education in School District 8 - Kootenay Lake is designed to support the success of all indigenous students, including those who self-identify as First Nations (status or non-status), Metis and Inuit. Every effort is made to indigenize curriculum delivery for all DL students as well as provide targeted support for identified Aboriginal students. 

Indigenized curriculum

All ELEV8 DL students will identify indigenization goals, strategies, and resources in their personalized SLP. 
Parents will have access to a bank of resources, links, and lesson plans.
All online courses will have elements of indigenization.

Aboriginal student support

 SD8 Aboriginal programming provides support to Aboriginal DL students that is:

  • Supplemental to their regular school programming
  • Consistently delivered over a period of time (ie - 10 month school year)
  • Provided by SD8 staff

In order to qualify, students must first self-identify at the time of enrolment. Each qualifying student will have additional funds set aside to provide supplementary activities. 

A parent letter is sent home for signature and agreement to the program. 
ABED staff will contact them and a school action plan will be determined. Often, this can occur in collaboration with the regular teacher during an SLP meeting.
A plan will be set up for monthly support to the student. Each month, the student will receive at least the following:

  • 2 Face to Face experiences (ie - local classes, field trips, meetings, etc.)
  • 1 online learning component
  • 1 supplemental activity 

All instances of support will be recorded and tracked, and the ABED teacher will provide regular reports to the regular DL teacher and ABED department.  

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