Withdrawal Process

Should a student wish to withdraw from the DESK K-9 program, please contact us so we can help you transition to your next educational experience.  


Dervila O’Dowd, Elev8/DESK Elementary Secretary

310 Nelson Avenue, Nelson, BC V1L 2M8

email;   Clerical.dsk2@sd8.bc.ca

Elev8 DESK Elementary: 250-505-7032

Elev8 DESK Main Line 250-354-4311


Likewise, students withdrawing from gr 10-12 courses should contact us to ensure transcripts are kept up to date and grad plans are intact. 


Lisa Ross, Elev8/DESK Secondary Secretary

1004 Cottonwood St., Nelson, BC  V1L 3W2

email.  clerical.dsk1@sd8.bc.ca 

1-800-663-4614, ext. 7002 or 250-505-7002