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Online Learning Experience

Through the Online Learning (OL) approach, students can connect with their teacher from anywhere in the world on their own schedule and on their own terms. The Elev8 DESK program offers students the flexibility and adaptability to design and organize their learning experiences with support from BC-certified teachers.

Teacher Support Matters

For many of our courses, Elev8 DESK teachers utilize a collection of both paper-based and electronic tools to teach and support their students. These tools often include voice and video conferencing over the Internet, email, telephone calls, and instant messaging. 

Elev8 provides each of its students with a teacher who is responsible for:

  • Planning and delivering a course of study.
  • Providing appropriate course textbooks and/or resources.
  • Assessing ongoing student progress (includes completing report cards).

NOTE: Students can choose to complete an entire program through the online learning route or partner it with other learning options that might include in-person classes and/or blended classrooms. 

To discuss how our Programs can provide flexible and rich learning experiences, please contact us.