Our School Community

ELEV8 Distributed Learning believes in strong connections between home and the local school community. All ELEV8 students have opportunity to engage in a local school community, to a level which they are comfortable. These include:

Mental Health Services

All SD8 - Kootenay Lake schools have access to mental health services, such as counselors on staff, youth workers, MCFD support workers, etc. An ELEV8 DL student can make use of these services as found in a local school close to them. Parents or students should contact the school directly.

Sports teams

ELEV8 DL students may participate on local school teams. To do so, they will need to ensure that they are:

  • On campus during all required practices
  • Attend all games
  • Participate in all team trips and competitions

Extra-curricular clubs

ELEV8 DL students may participate in any extra-curricular club offered by a school local to the student. To do so, the student will need to:

  • Be on campus during all meetings

Special events

Local schools may let DL students know of any special events that are happening at the school and can be invited to attend. These can include:

  • Special assemblies
  • Seasonal events
  • School dances
  • Special performances or guest speakers

Blended learning classes

Local SD8 schools may offer blended learning classes to DL students. In order to participate, DL students must:

  • Apply to the school to attend the program 
  • Attend the class and be on campus on required dates and times